About ginsudo

ginsudo means “the way of Ginsu” – like judo means “the gentle way” and jeet kune do means “the way of the intercepting fist.”

Sounds mystical and martial and oriental, doesn’t it? And although I may be all of those things, the truth is, ginsu.com was taken (surprisingly, not by the knife guys), so I had to think of something else.

Speaking of the knife guys, “Ginsu” is my actual name, and it has nothing to do with my metaphorical sharpness. It’s a not-terribly-uncommon Korean name, and I was born long before the legendary late-night infomercial ever aired. The “G” in my name is a soft “g” as in gin-and-tonic, not a hard “g” as in gimlet. So I don’t ever want to hear from the knife guys, unless it’s for the sort of accommodating letter they wrote to Miss Ginsu (no relation).

About this blog: There isn’t much of a consistent theme to this blog. Many posts select a single page in sequence from The Great Gatsby, noting my favorite phrase or sentence on that page, never more than one sentence. If the page is especially chock full o’ goodness, I may discuss alternatives, but I’ll still pick a favorite. I can’t say I have good reasons for doing this, but I do have some reasons.

Other basics about me: Born in Jersey, ran to NYC, learned to love the SF bay area, where I live now. Spent a dozen years working in the startup world, but now I work at a large Internet company. Nothing posted on this site necessarily reflects the position of anyone but me – there is no explicit or implicit approval or endorsement of any of this material by my employer. After a long and arduous search, in 2006 I identified my favorite bourbon. I’m not trying to say that it’s the best there is, I’m just telling you I like it. “Gene” is a nickname for “Ginsu” – people call me both or either, it’s not any weirder than “Tom” for “Thomas.”

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Last updated: 26 Aug 2012


6 thoughts on “About ginsudo

  1. Hey Ginsu,

    Just wanted to say “thank you” for your kind, but mostly insightful, words about Craig. I, too, worked with him at VLG, and also worked with you. I am currently living in Georgia and heard about Craig over the weekend. Bad news travels…and travels fast. He will be missed greatly.

    I never had the pleasure of being in the office next to Craig, however when I did see him, he always had an “interesting something” to say to me. I appreciated that more than he ever knew.

    Great post.


  2. Elmer T. Lee? Really? i don’t think we were able to afford that in law school. I keep coming back to Knob Creek. Or Maker’s Mark. With a splash of ginger ale, if i need to make the drink last. it just works.


  3. I really enjoyed your essay on failure and timing. I developed a product 20 years ago that flopped. I am about to launch it again and wondered how Bynamite might provide ad management to a mobile app.



  4. Enjoyed the blog. One error to consider. When “Citizen Kane” died and in doing so whispered ROSEBUD, he was not referring to a sled. He was referring to a womans private parts.. The statement was cleaned up because of possible loss of audience (think of the super conservative times) and of censorship. W. R. Hurst always used that reference when he spoke of and to Marian Davies.


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