a pleasant significance

p. 58:

He smiled – and suddenly there seemed to be a pleasant significance in having been among the last to go, as if he had desired it so all the time.

Have you ever met someone with this degree of charisma?  You’d know it if you had.  The magnetic pull that a person like this can exert upon you is mesmerizing, lulling you into a warm fuzz of contentment, willing you to believe whatever is in the moment.  This is much more subtle than the shock and awe of a motivational speaker for desperate losers; it’s a slow, singular seduction from which no one can claim full immunity.  It’s more pleasant than powerful and therefore less resistable.

One thought on “a pleasant significance

  1. Whats the difference between the attraction of each?
    I think the motivational speaker for loosers attraction is based on the fantasy that you can achieve your ideal identity in the words the msfl speaks.As he claims that Jesus knows whats in your heart, you attach to those words and through identification to the msfl, you believe you can achieve the identity if you stay aligned with him.Its a mechanism based on identification through sumission or passivity-like the ego ideal identification of the parents.

    I think the mechanism of the pleasant significance charismat is based on believing you are your ideal self (ego ideal-the ultimate version of you that you dream you are and should be)because of the things they tell you. In this spell, you dont just think and aspire to be better, you are better, you know you are and you don’t realize the dependence on the person for this superior feeling. In other words, their words make you attach to a better reality and self view without being aware of the cause, they have you not just seeing an aspiring to the sandcastle in the sky they have conjured, like the msfl but they have you living in it and not even aware its there or from whence it came.
    How do they manage this?
    1-They are more subtle and disguise the need or only express the need unconsciously thus forming an identification on a deeper less obvious level than a msfl would.
    This is more of an experience based identification on the unconscious level versus a conscious identity framed identification like a msfl/evangalist etc.
    2-They seek less to control and manipulate and more to build and develop you from within
    3-They draw more on unconscious need, their own, yours and anyones who is accessible
    4-They share experience with you in a mutually that effects your consciousness and theirs together-sincerely, at times. Thus you are both in first person versus the super ego/evangalist who is in first person and you move into 3rd/passive.
    Many who have this ability are walking a road or journey with you instead of taking a pedagogic stance and role. A poet leading us down a road of the collective unconscious does this with pure intent, as an opener.
    In this way you partner in the creating they are doing because you remain active as they are versus being passive to them. This is much more powerful in your identity and integrated more inherently to who you are.


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