great trailer

Let me count the ways I’m excited about this trailer for the upcoming movie adaptation of The Great Gatsby:

  1. Baz Luhrmann – he’s renown for fearless interpretations of classics like Romeo + Juliet and La Bohème. The 1974 Gatsby film was a stultifying period piece – that kind of boredom just isn’t possible in Baz’s world; he is always more faithful to the emotion than the period.
  2. Carey Mulligan – she’s proving to be one of the great actresses of her generation. From the brief bits in the trailer, it looks like all of the actors have really absorbed the book (though I’m a bit worried about Elizabeth Debicki’s screamy Jordan Baker), but Mulligan stands out as a true embodiment of Daisy. Her line delivery of “You always look so cool” says exactly what that line is supposed to say.
  3. Jack White’s cover of Love is Blindness – U2’s Achtung Baby might be my favorite album about love and relationships (well, that or Tunnel of Love), and Jack White’s searing cover is a perfect backdrop to this fevered trailer.

The release date of Christmas 2012 gives me something to aim for, as a date to finish the Gatsby Project.

Update: The movie’s release date has been moved to May 10, 2013.

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